On September 7th, 2018 fuse* celebrated the tenth anniversary of activity with a day in the spirit of sharing. An opportunity to reflect in a broad and interdisciplinary way on the past / present / future of the studio and on the importance of research and the exploration of disciplinary boundaries in the artistic, cultural and professional fields.


Behind the Scenes

A story of the process of creation and realization of the latest studio productions: Multiverse and Dökk.

During the meeting, we shared the production techniques used for the production of two of the most iconic projects we developed. This was also the opportunity to present the Research platform on the new fuse* website, a digital space through which the study makes available and open to the online community some technologies developed during the activity of research and development.

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Four Quartets
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Symposium on boundaries between art, technology and science edited and moderated by Marco Mancuso (Digicult). With Antonello-Ghezzi, Daniela Grenzi, Angelo Semeraro.

fuse* has always dedicated resources and energy to exploration in its broadest sense: as spirit, as a need to face design challenges, as a way to deal with the things that happen, as a capacity to listen to the innate disposition of people to be moved and communicate. In order to celebrate the 10 years of fuse* activity, we decided to organise a meeting with professionals, scientists, and artists who have been interested in hybrid disciplinary practices for years. A non-formal situation, organized to meet colleagues, friends, customers and simple curious interested in sharing a vision, an idea, a work, and life practice.



Narayana is the title of the mural work realized by the artist Luca Zamoc inside FUSE*FACTORY commissioned for the fuse* 10 event.

Narayana is the Sanskrit word which indicates the primordial chaos and is one of the most supreme divine manifestations in Hinduism, as it represents the latent state of the universe. Zamoc has reinterpreted this powerful symbol with an increasing/decreasing succession of Fibonacci (sequence of the golden section) by inscribing in the matter the elements that compose it, portrayed as ocean and space.



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Architectural projection on the walls of FUSE*FACTORY.

N is an installation that today assumes a symbolic meaning as the first work produced by fuse* that has marked the beginning of a path that is still evolving. The work stems from the desire to explore the laws of nature, interpreting and representing them in an attempt to recreate these processes, stimulating the viewer to observe a living organism. The installation was presented for the first time in 2010 during the third edition of NODE Festival. On this occasion, however, we presented a completely redesigned version in 2016 for the Lumina Festival in Cascais, Portugal.


CHEVEL dj set
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Chevel is the main pseudonym of Dario Tronchin, producer and founder of the collective Enklav, a cornerstone label of the Italian electronic scene. Affirmed at European level, he has performed in international contexts such as Berghain (Berlin), Concrete (Paris) and Village Underground (London) and has enjoyed reviews and focus by Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine and The Wire, as an artist “who not only makes techno music but that decompose it, rearranging it and breaking its laws”. On the occasion of fuse* 10 his musical selection ranged from ambient to more rhythmic sounds.