Telling stories through the creation of memorable experiences, profound and able to have a positive impact on people's lives.

Realizing projects able to simplify complexity, realize what has not yet shape, make accessible what is complex, find uniqueness in the ordinary.

Marvel with beauty and poetry, allowing people to go deep through experimental languages that show reality from a new point of view.


FUSE*FACTORY is a multidisciplinary studio and artistic production center, founded in 2007 that works at the intersection of art and science, exploring the expressive potential by the creative use of emerging technologies.

Artists, designers, creative coders, engineers, architects, researchers, storytellers, and producers work in multidisciplinary teams to create new languages and new forms of expression capable of giving life to innovative projects in the fields of art, architecture, design and of communication-based on new media.

FUSE* FACTORY has always connected its development to that of the community in which it operates by supporting, promoting and designing projects that have as their objective the dissemination of culture and knowledge.

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fuse* is the signature with which the studio realizes its own artistic

The Factory

In 2012 fuse* moved to a former country house that at the beginning of the 20th century was a school. The renovation of the space was followed by the architect Fabrizio Gruppini, with the aim of maintaining a memory of the original building and at the same time giving a contemporary flavor to the house. The space has been designed to catalyze work in multidisciplinary teams, stimulate sharing and nurture creativity.



Since 2007

Director / Producer / Founder

Luca founded, together with Mattia Carretti, fuse* in 2007 with the intention of creating emotional experiences that positively inspire through beauty, elegance and poetry. As Technical and Artistic Director of the studio, he oversees the production team in the areas of creative coding, installations and software and hardware architecture design. He has always followed his curiosity for science, technology, photography and travel while cultivating a strong passion for the visual arts.


Since 2007

Director / Producer / Founder

Artistic director, producer, graduated in chemistry, always strongly attracted to visual and sound arts and by the expressive potential that derives from the combination of these disciplines with scientific and philosophical subjects. In 2007 he founded fuse* studio together with Luca Camellini. Subsequently, he follows the evolution of the group and the birth of the Fuse*Factory platform with the idea of creating an entrepreneurial project that aims to encourage and stimulate the collaboration between talented professionals from different fields, to create innovative projects capable to inspire, excite and have a positive impact on people and on the whole community.


Since 2010


Master's Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ferrara, 2003. In 2006 he imagines and opens Lospaziobianco design studio and in 2010, with Mattia Carretti and Luca Camellini he founded FUSE * ARCHITECTURE. In 2016 Lospaziobiaco turns into USTA Studio. By day he deals with architecture full time, even at night. When he’s not planning, he’s pedaling, when he’s not pedaling, he’s walking.


Since 2009

Sound Designer

After a life path always in close contact with the musical and sound world, since 2008 he has been a sound designer and composer at the studio, dealing with both research and sound creation for artistic productions, and the design and production of audio components for software and multimedia installations. The role at the studio embraces both the sphere of sound design, with activities of composition, mixing and programming with audio software such as DAW "Digital Audio Workstation" (Ableton Live, Logic Pro), Digital and Analog Instrument, Max / MSP, and video, with visual graphics and video editing using programs as Premiere Pro, After Effect, Max / Jitter.


Since 2013

Software Developer

After graduating in Computer Science in 2013, he joined the studio as a software developer. Inside the studio deals with software development and hardware management (research, feasibility analysis, low-level software development). The development environments used are iOS, Processing (JAVA) and OpenFrameworks (C++). He manages hardware design and develops low-level software using Arduino.


Since 2014

Production Manager

Graduated in Disciplines of the Arts of Music and Performing Arts at the University of Bologna. In 2008 he founded NODE festival, a reality focused on the encounter between music and digital arts that over the years has become one of the most important realities within the national scene. At the same time, he founded two record labels, Zymogen and Error Broadcast, which allowed him to broaden the network of contacts and refine the curatorial and production skills. Since 2014 he has been a permanent collaborator of the fuse* studio in the role of production and marketing director. Specifically, it deals with the promotion and distribution of fuse* productions in the artistic field, whether they be performances or installations.


Since 2015

Designer / Researcher

Graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Milano in 2011 and continued his training with a course in Mobile User Interface Design. After some experiences in the field of graphic communication and in the design of interfaces for products, websites and mobile devices, she joins fuse* in 2015. At the studio she deals with the design of user interfaces starting from the analysis of the requirements to the realization of mockups and visual storytelling. Between these two phases of the design process she deals with research and study on the contents that lead to concept proposals.


Since 2017

Designer / Creative coder

Graduated in Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2016 and joins fuse* in 2017. His research revolves around the study and exploration of generative models for the realization of simulation systems inspired by natural processes. It combines an architectural background with computer skills in the field of creative coding.


Since 2018

Designer / Creative coder

He graduated in Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Bologna with a thesis on agent-based systems and behavioral fabrication. Always interested in the digital world and its expressive possibilities. His research interweaves generative systems, computational design and the exploration of different languages. His attitude is to create connections and combine images, music, art and matter.


Since 2019

Studio Manager

After a Master Graduation in Visual Arts at University of Bologna, she trained as Gallery Administrator at Pierogi and Hasted Kraeutler, two contemporary art galleries in New York. From 2014 to 2019 she undertook the role of Gallery Manager at METRONOM, where she coordinated the gallery's activities and its numerous institutional collaborations in Italy and abroad. In fuse* she manages the internal workflow of the studio, the curation of artistic projects for galleries and Museums and she coordinates the Administrative and Financial activities of the group.


Since 2019

Designer / Creative coder

Graduated in Building Engineering and Architecture in 2017 with a research thesis on self-organizing redundant tectonic systems, he discovered and deepened themes concerning computational design, generative systems and the resulting aesthetics. After an experience as a designer in an architectural firm, he specialized in architectural visualization. At the same time he is academic tutor at Design Studio 3 at the School of Engineering and Architecture in Bologna. In 2019 he joined fuse* collaborating on the development of projects by intertwining digital aesthetics and 3D skills.



Designer / Creative coder

Graduated from the University of Bologna, Alessandro is media artist, computational designer and architect, based in Bologna, Italy.
 He led workshops and lectured in Europe, America and Asia, and is currently teaching assistant at the University of Bologna. Working on both design and research, he explores artificial cognition, interactive media, simulation of natural phenomena and algorithmic design, trying to investigate the porous zone of human and non-human collaboration.

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Since 2019

Software Developer

After a brief work experience in Switzerland in the Remote Sensing field, he obtained the master degree “Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems” at Aalborg University, where he conducted research on Computer Graphics and Image Processing techniques for Augmented Reality. In 2019 he joined fuse*, where he develops AR application (iOS, Android) with Unity3D.


Since 2014

Performer / Choreographer

Dancer and performer, she began her career as a gymnast until the age of 18. Later she studied contemporary dance and developed a strong aerial/vertical technique, carrying out her personal research as a performer, experimenting with the work on the body, space, and the installation image. Since 2006, with the opening of the Olympic Games in Turin, she travels the world with several world-famous companies such as Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory, Il Posto Vertical Dance, Kitomb, Teatro alla Scala, etc. She collaborates with artists such as Paolo Fresu, Dino Merlin. From 2013 she began collaborating with fuse* as interpreter and choreographer of N4, Ljos, and Dökk, thus starting her path of experimentation between body and digital arts.


Since 2014

3d generalist

In 1989 he discovered one of the first 3D software based on Ray Tracing developed for home computers, Turbo Silver for Commodore Amiga. Thus began a journey that touches various aspects of 3D computer graphics, from modeling to animation, from the study of lights to rendering, experimenting with many software and rendering engines that in the following years, have come into being: Imagine 3D, Lightwave, Softimage, Maya, 3DS Max, and others. After working for a few years for a video production studio and having founded, with 3 other friends, a company specialized in 3D graphics, in 2003 he became a freelancer collaborating with numerous companies in the sector.


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Via Nuova 9
Campogalliano, Modena, Italy

Company: Fuse srl 
Labels: fuse* +  FUSE*FACTORY
Board: Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini 
VAT: IT03338530367


We're a team of media designers, IT developers, engineers, architects, project managers, storytellers and producers.  We work in synergy to create innovative languages and new forms of expression in the fields of art, architecture and communication based on new media. We are constantly looking for new talent.

Do you like what we do and would you like to join us?

Open Positions

fuse * is looking for an Office Manager who will be responsible for the ordinary administrative management of the studio. The profile we are looking for will also support the board in a transversal way by dealing with back-office activities, the management of workspaces and the administrative, bureaucratic and logistical aspects related to the studio activities.

The candidate should be particularly flexible, with strong problem solving skills and must be at ease in managing unexpected events even in stressful situations.

Primary responsibilities and duties
• Management of administrative processes and procedures of the studio, including, by way of example, participation in calls, budgeting, invoicing and monitoring of expenses, support for the drafting of contracts;
• Drafting of documents, minutes and general forms;
• Coordination and management of the Board's agenda and filtering activities for inbound and outbound communications;
• Management of relationships with customers, suppliers, collaborators, institutions;
• Management of administrative aspects relating to human resources;
• Management of the entire on-boarding process and support for new staff members;
• Coordination and organization of on-site and online meetings;
• Production of documentation for participation and reporting to tenders and open call;
• Promotion, management and coordination of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of work in the studio, with a twist in cultivating a working environment that favors people well-being;
• Space Management: organization and coordination of the activities at the studio and management of maintenance workspaces care;
• Support in the design and organization of studio events (internal and external);
• Support in the logistical and bureaucratic management of tours and travels;
• Logistic and administrative support for new productions.

• Fluency in written and spoken English;
• Superior communication skills;
• Relational and organization skills, strong attention to detail and ability to prioritize, delegate and track a wide variety of ongoing projects;
• Curiosity, flexibility and willingness to take care of different tasks when needed;
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
• Ability to multitask and manage high pressure situations.

Nice to have
• Previous experience in art studies, performance, media or entertainment;
• Familiarity with fuse* works and multimedia arts in general.

We are looking for software developers with Junior or Senior level experience to be involved in the projects creation process, starting from the basic software and hardware architecture, up to the programming of the graphic elements and the interactive devices, including their maintenance and evolution.
The person we are looking for will be involved mainly in the FUSE*INTERACTIVE division that deals with commission projects developed in collaboration with institutions, museums, companies and visionary brands.
The languages and tools currently used in the studio are: C++ (Openframeworks), Java (Processing, Android), Objective-C (iOS), C# (Unity), Asp.Net (Web Service), SQL (SqlServer, MySql), OpenGL e GLSL. Mastery and experience in the use of these languages are appreciated, but mainly is required a good knowledge of the basis of modern programming, together with a good flexibility and ability to learn new skills. We are looking for a person who wants to work within multidisciplinary teams but who is also able to independently manage the development of software components, depending on the level of experience, we require a fair/good level of autonomy in the following process: design, software and hardware set-up, customization and implementations of software components, integration of existing applications with customer systems, services, and devices, documentation editing, troubleshooting, bug-fixing of all software components.
Considering the vocation of our study towards the experimentation of new technologies, the predisposition to work on hardware for the creation of prototypes, set up and assistance is also positively evaluated.