We're a team of media designers, IT developers, engineers, architects, project managers, storytellers and producers.  We work in synergy to create innovative languages and new forms of expression in the fields of art, architecture and communication based on new media. We are constantly looking for new talent.

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We are looking for software developers with Junior or Senior level experience to be involved in the projects creation process, starting from the basic software and hardware architecture, up to the programming of the graphic elements and the interactive devices, including their maintenance and evolution.
The person we are looking for will be involved mainly in the FUSE*INTERACTIVE division that deals with commission projects developed in collaboration with institutions, museums, companies and visionary brands.
The languages and tools currently used in the studio are: C++ (Openframeworks), Java (Processing, Android), Objective-C (iOS), C# (Unity), Asp.Net (Web Service), SQL (SqlServer, MySql), OpenGL e GLSL. Mastery and experience in the use of these languages are appreciated, but mainly is required a good knowledge of the basis of modern programming, together with a good flexibility and ability to learn new skills. We are looking for a person who wants to work within multidisciplinary teams but who is also able to independently manage the development of software components, depending on the level of experience, we require a fair/good level of autonomy in the following process: design, software and hardware set-up, customization and implementations of software components, integration of existing applications with customer systems, services, and devices, documentation editing, troubleshooting, bug-fixing of all software components.
Considering the vocation of our study towards the experimentation of new technologies, the predisposition to work on hardware for the creation of prototypes, set up and assistance is also positively evaluated.