FUSE*FACTORY is the space where the projects of the fuse* group are developed.

Artists, designers, creative coders, engineers, architects, researchers, storytellers, and producers work in multidisciplinary teams to create new languages and new forms of expression capable of giving life to innovative projects in the fields of art, architecture, design and of communication-based on new media.


fuse* - fuseworks.it
fuse* is a studio and an independent production company that operates in the intersection between art and science, exploring the expressive possibilities offered by the creative use of emerging digital technologies. Since 2016 fuse* has co-produced the NODE electronic and digital arts festival.

fuse*interactive is a studio specialized in creating multimedia experiences and innovative projects in the field of communication based on new media and live entertainment in collaboration with institutions, brands and research centers.

fuse*architecture is a design studio created in 2011 with the aim of merging interaction design and architecture to unfold contents through the creation of spaces and narrative places such as museums, showrooms, and public spaces. FUSE*ARCHITECTURE was born from the collaboration between fuse* e USTAstudio.

The division that deals with all the sound productions of the fuse* group, from the recording phase, sound design and composition, to the research and development of innovative musical solutions. FUSE_SOUND is specialized in creating tailor-made music and immersive soundscapes through rich and emotional sounds.



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